Alessia Basso

Alessia Basso born in Rome in 1974; lives in Faenza (Italy) since 2005.
Anything that catches her attention becomes raw material for her creations.
The most suitable way to express her artistic urge is photography.
Her photos are often blurred, almost dirty-looking but extremely elegant, they reminds us of the charming oeuvres of Francesca Woodman, Sarah Moon, Gustav Klimt.
Any digital device – from webcam to handy, from analog-camera to toy-camera - becomes an artistic tool to capture fragments of life. Then, Alessia manipulates those pieces of world according to her sensitivity, with an almost obsessive attention to color and detail, enhancing them without burdening the environment.
The final effect, deliberately dreamlike, is amplified by the influence of the dark music, electro and minimal drones that accompanies the process of deepening the sensitive data, in search of another dimension of reality to get lost between tenderness, sensuality and anxiety.
The sense of alienation reaches its climax when the photographer uses herself as a model. Her body, then - mouth, eyes - create a microcosm, a parallel world unto itself, where we are driven hand-in-hand with the artist.