Giancarlo Sabo

Giancarlo Sabo was born in 1967 in Gorizia (Italy). He grew up in an artistic household and showed his artistic inclination at a very young age. After years of intense study he has been practicing sculpture with professionalism and from the very beginning has won the admiration of the public and unanimous praise from the specialised critics. Now he lives and works in North-Eastern Italy.
In the last years, the famous Paduan art critic Giorgio Segato followed his artistic work with great interest. He defined it as follows: Closely linked to the human being in its existential and spiritual dimension. The study of essentiality brings him to shores of pure light. The sculpture tension is triggered by the material dualism. Unavoidable is therefore a path, mostly toward insight.
The fervour and the eclectic character of his research reveal an art which is rich and free from the point of view of the construction logics, excellent for its technical quality and sensitivity, fine and dense as for the concepts on which his poetry is based.